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Links to Zotero tutorials, downloads, and other guides.

Getting Zotero Installed

The Right Stuff

The Zotero website has all you need:

  1. The desktop app: Zotero 5.0 (for Windows, macOS, etc.)
  2. The Zotero connector (browser plug-in that allows easy saving to Zotero. Download for the browser you use most frequently. Zotero's standard browser plug-in is Firefox, but there are connectors for Chrome and Safari.

Other Plug-ins

If you want to get fancy, Zotero has lots of other plug-ins. Some allow you to scan books from barcodes with your iPhone or iPad. Others extract citations from bibliographies in Word documents or other programs and import into Zotero. As Zotero is an open source software, there are many plug-ins created by third-parties.

Zotero download






Zotero download

Creating a Zotero Account

If you want to access your library of citations across devices or create a shared collection with colleagues, you will need an account.

Register for a Zotero account.