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The Rakow Research Library's Artist Files are an ever growing set of research materials on contemporary glass art and craft. New and established glassmakers, designers, and artists are welcome to contribute to this collection.

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What are artist files?

The Artist Files at the Rakow Library are a research collection made up of materials that can help contextualize a persons body of work. They are particularly useful for museum staff, appraisers, collectors, artists, and, of course, curious individuals. An individual file may contain business cards, articles, ephemera, and other documents that span an artist's career.  Our Artist Files collection is available for research in-person at the Rakow Research Library. This collection continues to grow as glassmakers, designers, and artists contribute materials to expand current files as well as to establish new ones. 

What kind of materials are found in artist files? 

Artist files are made up of a range of materials including: 

  • Magazine and newspaper clippings
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Gallery Announcements
  • Other Ephemera such as Stickers, Pamphlets, Advertisements, photos, and more

Can I submit materials to be included in an artist file? 

The Rakow Research Library welcomes submissions from new and established glassmakers, designers, and artists who work with glass both as a primary artistic medium and as an aspect of their work. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women, and other underrepresented groups in glassworking are particularly encouraged to donate materials. With greater representation of all people who work with glass in different ways, the Artist Files collection will present a more comprehensive and inclusive picture of the glass community.

How do I start an artist file for myself? 

  • Fill Out an Artist Form

Begin the process of starting an artist file by completing an Artist Files Form. This form will ask demographic questions about your gender, race, ethnicity, and spiritual and cultural background. These answers can help add context and meaning to the work that you create, but you do not need to answer them.  They are entirely optional. Share only what you are comfortable with. Remember this is a research collection and is open to the public. 

Consider filling out this form regularly or after an important event in your career. Multiple submissions over time will give researchers insight into the evolution of your life, work, and personality that may otherwise be lost. 

How do I submit items? 

  • Submit Digital Materials

    Born digital content such as PDFs, Word documents, and online resources can be sent to  Please use the subject line "Artist File Submission" and include your name (the one used when filling out your form) in the body of the email.

    Currently, the library will print these digital materials and retain a physical copy.  Please be mindful of page length and size when sending digital files. 

  • Send Physical Materials

    Physical materials can be submitted by mail.  Please include a note or sheet with your submissions that specifies the name on your artist file form, especially when submitting gallery announcements, exhibition catalogs, or other materials that include names of multiple individuals or groups. Send submissions to: 

    ATTN: Reference and Access Services
    Rakow Research Library
    Corning Museum of Glass
    Five Museum Way
    Corning, NY 14830

Example contents from Preston Singletary's folder include gallery announcements both in postcard and letter form, a magazine article, and promotional materials. 

Example contents from Richard Craig Meitner's folder include gallery announcements, postcards, an article, a short biography, a price list from a gallery, and a short catalog from a gallery show. 

Example contents from Katherine Bernstein's folder include resume, gallery announcements, and a scanned article.