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Molds and Moldmaking


Selected Articles in the Rakow Library

Ganter, Mark A. "3D Printing Meets Glass," The Glass Art Society Journal, (2015), pp. 94-95. Take a look at how 3D printing cn be applied to a variety of activities associated with glass. Includes brief discussion of lost-wax process; 3D powder printing; etc.


Hernandez, Michael. "Putting the Tech in the Technique," GASNews, v. 26, issue 1, Spring 2015, p. 9.


Kahn, Sophie and Viviano, Norwood. “Labino Lecture: Digital Playground: The power of CAD and 3D Printing.” The Glass Art Society Journal, (2014), pp. 28-30.  Notes: Focus on the artists' individual practices related to the emergence of 3D scanning, the manipulation of point cloud data to create new forms in a digital environment, and the range of available choices for 3D printer technologies. Location: PER NK5110. G23j


Matthias, Gayle and Jorgensen, Tavs. “Lecture: Glass Mold Innovation Through Collaborative Research.” The Glass Art Society Journal, (2014), pp. 46-47. Notes: The author discusses collaborative efforts from two different disciplines (artistic and technical) to create molds directly from 3D printing. Location: PER NK5110. G23j


Meszaros, Robert and others. “Three-Dimensional Printing of a Bioactive Glass.” Glass Technology, v. 52, no. 4 (Aug. 2011), pp. 111-116. Notes: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology, Part A. Location: PER TP845 .S67j


Trier, Ferdinand. “Digital Printing with Sol-Gel Inks.” Glass Worldwide, issue 25 (Sept./Oct. 2009), pp. 80-83. Notes: Includes the examination of the mechanics of digital printing onto non-conventional media and the suitability of printers. Location: PER TP845 .G55

Woodruff, Lindsay. “3-D Glass Printing Heats Up.” Glass, no. 141 (Winter 2015/2016), pp. 10-12. Notes: The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly. Author discusses work by MIT and Micron3DP that is moving 3-D glass printing closer to reality. Location: PER NK5110 .N54

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Glass in Action [videorecording]: [Design & 3D printing]. [Downingtown, Pa.: Glass in Action, n.d., 2007-2010?]. By Igal Kapstan. 1 videodisc (7 min.)

Notes: Title provided by artist. No narration, only background music. Igal Kapstan was born in Kishinev Moldova (formerly part of the Soviet Union) and lived most of his life in Israel where he received his degree in mechanical engineering. For the last twelve years he and his family have lived in Pennsylvania. Video of a design being created by glass artist Igal Kapstan using MicroStation V8i, software graphics.

Record Number:113776

Audio/Video Collection - Glass in Action: Design & 3D printing

3D Printing - Ceramics

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