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Drinking Vessels Through History

Introduction to library resources on history of drinking vessels, including goblets, beakers, cups and other drinking vessels. More information is available through The Library's catalog or by using the Rakow's Ask a Glass Question service.

Technique Articles on Making Goblets

  • Reynolds, Julie A. “The art of goblets” Glass Line, v. 18, no. 5-6 and v. 19, no. 2-4. How to make lampworked goblets.
  • Burke, Ed. Glass blowing: a technical manual. Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wiltshire: Crowood Press, 2005. 143 p. Chapter 5: Advanced stemware <TP859 .B95>
  • Kosta Boda Kosta, Sweden. Eight services from the Kosta Boda collection. Kosta Kosta Boda [198- - 1990]. Page 3 has an illustrated step-by-step description of making a goblet. <Special: New Trade Catalogs>
  • Schmid, Edward T. Advanced glassworking techniques: an enlightened manuscript. Bellingham, Wash.: Glass Mountain Press, 1997. 320 p. <TP859 .S34 1997>

The Library has bibliographies on goblet making and goblet making videos that are available upon request.

Trade Catalogs and Designs

Corning Museum of Glass Online Videos

Browse an extensive playlist of Corning Museum of Glass videos related to goblet-making.

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Guggenheim Cups

Venetian Goblets

Dragonstem Goblets