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Drinking Vessels Through History

Introduction to library resources on history of drinking vessels, including goblets, beakers, cups and other drinking vessels. More information is available through The Library's catalog or by using the Rakow's Ask a Glass Question service.

Articles on Roemers

man with a hat holding a glass with prunts

Engraving of man holding roemer

Roemer or Römer Definition

According to the Corning Museum of Glass dictionary, a Römer or Roemer is a drinking vessel for wine or beer. It has an ovoid mouth, a cylindrical body, and a conical foot. The body is usually decorated with prunts.






Roemer with a Hunting Scene. 79.3.216. 1675-1699. Bequest of Jerome Strauss (left). Roemer. 66.2.20. about 1685-1700. (right)