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Neon and Plasma

Curatorial Assistant Rïse Peacock shows you one of their favorite objects in the CMoG collection: Geissler tubes!

Museum Collection

Untitled Triple Loop


Untitled Triple Loop by Paul Seide, 1981.

Blown glass filled with neon gas, sealed while hot.

The Wild One (B) by James Akers


The Wild One (B) by James Akers, 2018

Assemblage of Neon, Circuit-Bent Toys, Custom Circuitry, and Speaker

Frosted Radio Light by Paul Seide


Frosted Radio Light by Paul Seide, 1986

Made from soda-lime glass, neon vapor, mercury vapor, copper, lead wire, radio transmitter.

This Shit is Bananas


This Shit is Bananas by Megan Stelljes, 2017

Sculpted glass, neon.

Flow Gate by Mark Stanley


Flow Gate by Mark Stanley, 1976

Made using broken plate glass, fused in plaster forms.

Collection Highlights

Neon Light & Sign - Articles from the Library Catalog

Interviews with neon artists concerning design, installations, and practices

Rakow Research Library's commissioned special edition of Neon Primer

Kacie LeesAuthor and Illustrator Kacie Lees and Curatorial Assistant RĂ¯se Peacock

Explore The Rakow Research Library's commissioned special edition of Neon Primer by author and artist Kacie Lees.

Neon Primer: A Handbook on Light Construction is a 200-page, coil-bound educational text illuminating the hidden nature of light via the craft of neon bending. Based on a decade of experience as a neon artist and instructor, Neon Primer assesses the psycho-historical impact of advertising on neon and provides a premise for quantifying "the glow" by way of its material components. Saturated with golden footnotes sourced from exhibition catalogs, pivotal light art works, films, etymology, and classic cultural influences such as Schoolhouse Rock!, this handbook has a high 90s aesthetic, chunky black and fluorescent exploded-view graphics, tear-out bending patterns, posters, and material guides that bring the text into the 3D space of the studio.