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New Glass Now: Context (1959 & 1979)

Look here for additional resources related to the New Glass Now exhibition at The Corning Museum of Glass, May 12, 2019 - January 5, 2020.


New Glass is not new.

New Glass is 60 years of The Corning Museum of Glass bringing contemporary glass to new audiences. New Glass is 40 years of an annual, internationally distributed glass journal. New Glass is three groundbreaking exhibitions in 1959, 1979, and 2019. New Glass has shaped and continues to shape the glass landscape, charting its topography and advancing the field by bringing global glass into one place at one time, year after year.

Uniting the various forms New Glass has taken is a democratic curatorial model made up of an open, international call for submissions, responses from artists around the world, and the transparent selections of a panel of diverse thought leaders in art, craft, and design. The glass that is selected is representative of the concerns of its time as well as the individual aesthetics and perspectives of the selectors.

At its core, New Glass is about the power of seeing to initiate change and growth. The exhibitions Glass 1959 and New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979), alongside New Glass Review (1979-2019) have built the world of contemporary glass. New Glass Now (2019) reflects on the past and forges ahead, giving the glass of today an opportunity to be seen with the hope that, like its precedents, it will grow.


  • 1,814 object submissions
  • 86 glass firms
  • 34 individual artists
  • 23 countries

Glass 1959 was the first major international exhibition of contemporary glass in the world. The exhibition reflected an era that valued design and factory-produced objects for the home, but it also demonstrated the beginning of sculptural expression in the material.


  • 6,000 slide submissions
  • 20 glass firms
  • 176 individual artists
  • 28 countries

New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979) was based on the same model as Glass 1959 but showed radically different work. By 1979, the idea of glass as an artist’s material had taken hold, and nearly all of the pieces were made by individual artists working directly with the material.



May 12 – January 5, 2020
9 am – 5 pm daily



Rakow Research Library, The Corning Museum of Glass


New Glass Now | Context

Translucent and opaque multi-colored glass; blown and cast, silver chloride decoration; fabricated sterling silver cutlery and figures, base of walnut and teak with rose wood inlay.
Colorless, yellow non-lead glasses; hand-formed and tooled. Flattened ovoid shape with air bubble pushed in one side and two visible layers of glass inside, base ground flat,
Broken aquamarine plate glass, fused in plaster forms with neon loop and black glass base.
Blue and white glass; blown, hot-worked into a humanoid form.
Translucent blue glass; flameworked. Continuous squiggling line of glass.