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Corning, New York: The Crystal City: Directory of Local Cutting and Engraving Companies

This guide focuses on the glass-related history of the Corning, New York, and surrounding area, including local resources, special collections, and topics unique to Corning's glass history.
Source Note: The information on this page was adapted from Estelle F. Sinclaire and Jane Shadel Spillman's The Complete Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning ([Corning, N.Y.]: Corning Museum of Glass, 1997), pages 95-99. One-person shops identified by the authors are treated here as company names, while people identified by Sinclaire and Spillman as subcontractors are listed alphabetically by last name. If you cannot find a listing, please do not hesitate to contact the Rakow Library. You may also be interested in the Local Cutters and Engravers page, which lists some of the many artisans who have worked at these companies.

Company Names: A-F

Almy & Thomas, cut glass, 1903-1907

Ambrose Van Etten, cutting, ca. 1920-1953 (not continuously)

Anthony Keller Sr., engraving, ca. 1920-ca. 1930

Arcadian Cut Glass Co., [1902?]

Benjamin R. Watson, cut glass and some engraving, ca. 1929-ca. 1941

Bradley -- see Ernest L. Bradley

Callahan -- see Patrick Callahan

Corning Cut Glass Co., cut glass, 1901-ca. 1911

Drake -- see George W. Drake & Co.

Egginton Rich Cut Glass Works (see also O.F. Egginton Co.), cut glass, 1896-1918

Eick -- see Peter A. Eick

Elmira Cut Glass Co., cut glass,1903-1914

Ernest L. Bradley, ca. 1904-1906

Eygabroat-Ryon (branch shop of the Lawrenceville, Pa., company), cut glass, ca. 1908-ca. 1909

Frank Konigstein & Edward Hauptmann, engraved glass, ca. 1933-ca. 1951

Fred H. Fuller, Cut Glass Manufacturer (only intaglio cuttings are known), ca. 1916-ca. 1927

Company Names: G-L

George W. Drake & Co., cut glass, ca. 1899-1908

Giometti Brothers, cut glass, 1902-1933

Goodman -- see Harry Goodman

H.P. Sinclaire & Co., cut and engraved glass, 1904-1928

Hahne -- see Joseph Hahne

Harry Goodman, jewelry cut from glass and engraved, 1925-1931

Harry M. Jones, cutting, ca. 1915-ca. 1925

Haselbauer & Sons -- see J.F. Haselbauer & Sons

Hawkes Rich Cut Glass Co. (see also T.G. Hawkes & Co.), cut and engraved glass, 1880-1962

Hoare & Dailey (see also J. Hoare & Co.), cut and engraved glass, 1868-1920      

Hunt & Sullivan (see also Hunt Glass Works, Hunt Glass Works, Inc.), cut and engraved glass, 1895-ca. 1972

Hunt Glass Works/Hunt Glass Works, Inc. (previously Hunt & Sullivan), cut and engraved glass, 1895-ca. 1972

Ideal Cut Glass Co., 1903-1933

Illig -- see John N. Illig

J. Hoare & Co. (see also Hoare & Dailey), cut and engraved glass, 1868-1920

J.F. Haselbauer & Sons, Manufacturers of Rich Rock Crystal and Engraved Ware, plus cut and engraved glass, 1910-1938

John N. Illig, Manufacturer of Artistically Engraved Glassware, 1915-ca. 1929

Jones -- see Harry M. Jones

Joseph Hahne, engraving, ca. 1925-ca. 1940

Joseph Oveszny (also Ovesney, Ovescny), engraved glass, ca. 1930-1942

Kaulfuss -- see Peter Kaulfuss

Keller -- see Anthony Keller Sr.

Knickerbocker Cut Glass Co., 1902-1903

Konigstein & Hauptmann -- see Frank Konigstein & Edward Hauptmann

Company Names: M-R

Majestic Cut Glass Co. (branch shop of the Elmira Company), cut glass, ca. 1907-ca. 1911

O.F. Egginton Co. (see also Egginton Rich Cut Glass Works), cut glass, 1896-1918

Oveszny (also Ovesney, Ovescny) -- see Joseph Oveszny

Painter Cut Glass Shop (formal name, if any unknown), cut glass, 1904-ca. 1905

Patrick Callahan, cutting, ca. 1902-ca. 1916

Peter A. Eick, cut glass, 1912-1935

Peter Kaulfuss, engraving, ca. 1918-ca. 1926

Company Names: S-Z

Shotten Cut Glass Co. -- see Thomas Shotten Cut Glass Co.

Signet Glass Co. (possibly a Hawkes subsidiary), 1913-1938(?)

Sinclaire & Co. -- see H.P. Sinclaire & Co.

Standard Cut Glass Co., cut glass, 1905-1908

Steuben Glass Works (later Steuben Division, Corning Glass Works; Steuben Glass), cut and engraved glass, 1903-Present

T.G. Hawkes & Co. (see also Hawkes Rich Cut Glass Co.), cut and engraved glass, 1880-1962

Thomas Shotten Cut Glass Co. (also spelled Shotton), cut glass, 1912


Van Etten -- see Ambrose Van Etten

Watson -- see Benjamin R. Watson

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You might also find the following database useful for research on local cutters and engravers:

Subcontractors: A-Z

Blackburn, Joseph (cutting)

Denson & Cosgrove (chiefly stoppering for Steuben)
ca. 1925-1930

Fritchie, Hieronimus William (engraving)

Haselbauer, Joseph F. (engraving)

Johnson, Aiden (engraving)

Kaulfuss, Ernest (engraving)
1908-ca. 1948

Keller, Henry (engraving)
ca. 1909-1912

Kretschmann, Adolf (engraving)
ca. 1918-1955

Libisch, Joseph (engraving)

Manwarren, Floyd (cutting & repair)

Mulford, Ernest (cutting)
1901-ca. 1911

Nitsche & Son Glass Engraving Establishment
Nitsche, Clement (engraving)
Nitsche, Joseph (engraving)
ca. 1893-1937

Olin, Delos V. (cutting)

Palme, Edward, Sr. (engraving)
1907-ca. 1940

Palme, Edward, Jr. (engraving)
ca. 1925-1968

Putnam, Wilmot (engraving)
ca. 1920-1969

Rose, Augustus (cutting)

Rouse, Hiram (engraving)
ca. 1910-1960s

Walter, Emil (engraving)
ca. 1905-ca. 1935

Wilson, Frank & Sons (cutting)
1894-ca. 1897

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