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Corning, New York: The Crystal City: Local Cutters and Engravers

This guide focuses on the glass-related history of the Corning, New York, and surrounding area, including local resources, special collections, and topics unique to Corning's glass history.

Detail view of Bowl in "Crystal City" or "Wedding Ring" Pattern

We encourage you to visit the Crystal City Gallery at The Corning Museum of Glass, which was completely reinstalled in Spring 2018 to mark the 150th anniversary of glassmaking coming to Corning, NY!

Known Corning-Area Cutters & Engravers

The list below is a work in progress. If you know of additional names that should appear on this list, please do not hesitate to contact the Rakow Research Library via email ( or phone (607-438-5300). Links in examples below are to glass objects in The Corning Museum of Glass collection that were cut or engraved by the individual named. Company names appear in parentheses when it is known that a person worked for a particular company. That does not mean, however, that individuals did not work for additional companies during their careers.

  • Bach, Frederick Louis, Sr., Engraver. Example: Pitcher (2002.4.122 A).
  • Barnes, George, Engraver (J. Hoare & Company). Example: Vase (81.4.49).
  • Burns, Joseph, Cutter (Ideal Cut Glass Company). Example, Dish in "Diamond Poinsettia" Pattern (2008.4.159).
  • Carr, Lee, Cutter and Designer (Hunt Glass Works, Inc.). Example: Jug (62.4.40).
  • Clark, Frank A., Cutter (T.G. Hawkes & Co.). Example: Decanter with stopper in "Queen" patterns (83.4.42).
  • Day, Lyman, Cutter (Hunt Glass Works, Inc.).
  • Eick, Peter A., Cutter and Maker. Example: Celery Tray (2006.4.14).
  • Erlacher, Max, Engraver (Steuben). See biography and oral history on The Corning Museum of Glass website.
  • Harper, Thomas, Cutter. Example: 5 Tumblers (92.4.22)
  • Haselbauer, Augustus, Engraver. Example: 2 Decanters with Stoppers (83.4.161)
  • Haselbauer, George, Engraver  (J.F. Haselbauer & Sons). Example: Vase (78.4.6).
  • Haselbauer, Joseph, Engraver.
  • Keller, Anthony, Engraver (T.G. Hawkes & Co.).
  • Libisch, Joseph, Engraver. Example: Kingfishers (2012.4.1)
  • Manning, Eugene, Cutter. Example: Vase (2009.4.2)
  • Manwarren, Floyd, Cutter.
  • Morse, William, Engraver. Example: Pitcher with Portrait of Thomas Hawkes (2004.4.56)
  • Nitsche, Clement F. J., Engraver (H.P. Sinclaire & Co., Steuben). Son of Bohemian copper-wheel engraver Josef Nitsche (1851-1923; J. Hoare & Co., T.G. Hawkes & Co.)
    Example: Celery Dish in "Rich Carnations" Pattern (99.4.123)
  • Sidot, Joseph, Engraver (T.G. Hawkes & Co.). Example: Vase with Engraved Ship (2006.4.267)
  • Taynton, Horace, Cutter (J. Hoare & Co.). Example: Cream and Sugar (72.4.172)
  • Wilson, Joseph, Cutter. Example: Covered Butter Dish (2010.4.57)

[Photograph of a cutting shop in Corning area], ca. 1900. Bib ID: 110649

Photograph of men working in a glass cutting shop in the Corning, NY area. The shop, though unidentified, is not Hawkes Crystal Shop.

Books and Videos

You might also find the following database useful for research on local cutters and engravers:

Examples of the Work of Corning-Area Cutters and Engravers at The Corning Museum of Glass

Pitcher, Frederick Louis Bach, Sr. (engraver), and T.G. Hawkes & Company, 1919, 2002.4.122 A, gift of Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Bach.

Vase, George Barnes (engraver) and J. Hoare & Co., 81.4.49, gift of Mrs. Theodore Barnes.

Jug, Lee Carr (cutter and designer) and Hunt Glass Works, Inc., about 1911-1915, 62.4.40, gift of D. J. and Russell Carr.

Decanter with Stopper in "Queen" Pattern, Frank A. Clark (cutter) and T.G. Hawkes & Company, 1917, 83.4.42, gift of Robert Smith in memory of Bernice M. (Clark) Smith.

Tattoo Vase, Max Erlacher (engraver) and Steuben Glass Inc., 2008, 2008.4.79, gift of the artist and Steuben Glass.

2 Decanters with Stoppers, Augustus Haselbauer (engraver) and Hoare & Dailey, about 1877, 83.4.161, gift of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Wyckoff, Jr.

Vase, George Haselbauer (engraver) and J.F. Haselbauer & Sons, 1911-1920, 78.4.6, gift of Mrs. Catherine Haselbauer Dencenburg.

Kingfishers, Joseph Libisch, 1931, 2012.4.1, gift of Thomas Elmer in memory of Helen Libisch Elmer.

Vase, Eugene Manning (cutter), about 1909, 2009.4.2, gift of Elsie Manning Randall in memory of her parents.

Pitcher with Portrait of Thomas Hawkes, William Morse (engraver) and T.G. Hawkes & Company, 1913-1918, 2004.4.56, gift in part of Richard and Joan Randles, by exchange from Mrs. M. H. Riviere.

Vase with Engraved Ship, Joseph Sidot (engraver) and T.G. Hawkes & Company, 1930-1940, 2006.4.267, bequest of Paul Efron in memory of Beverly Efron.

Archival Materials and Photographs at the Rakow on Corning-Area Cut and Engraved Glass Companies

The Studio at CMoG: Max Erlacher Demonstrates Engraving and Coldworking Techniques

Oral Histories and Recorded Interviews

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