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Corning, New York: The Crystal City: Houghton Family

This guide focuses on the glass-related history of the Corning, New York, and surrounding area, including local resources, special collections, and topics unique to Corning's glass history.

Amory Houghton Sr. and Sophronia Mann Oakes Houghton

Amory Houghton Sr. (1813-1882) began the family glassmaking dynasty. The Massachusetts entrepreneur joined his first glass firm, Bay State Glass Works in 1851. He organized Union Glass Co. in 1854.

In 1864 he purchased the Brooklyn Flint Glass Works with his son, Amory Houghton Jr. as the glass chemist.

Lower costs, better access to fuel and transportation, and local financial support persuaded the Houghtons to move the Glass Works to Corning, NY in 1868 where they remain to this day as Corning Incorporated.

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The Houghtons of Corning

Amory Houghton Sr. (1813-1882), President & Chairman, Corning Flint Glass Works (1868-1870)

Amory Houghton Jr. (1837-1909) Manager, President, Corning Glass Works (1871-1909)

Charles F. Houghton (1848-1897), Salesman, Inventor, Vice-President, Corning Glass Works (1869-1897)

Alanson B. Houghton (1863-1941), President, Corning Glass Works (1910-1918); US Congressman (1919-1922); Ambassador to Germany (1922-1925); Ambassador to Britain (1925-1929)

Arthur Amory Houghton Sr. (1866-1928), President, Corning Glass Works (1919-1920)

Amory Houghton Sr. (1899-1981), President & Chairman, Corning Glass Works (1930-1961); Ambassador to France (1957-1961)

Arthur A. Houghton Jr. (1906-1990), President, Steuben Glass (1933-1981)

Amory Houghton Jr. (1926- ) President, CEO, Corning Glass Works (1961-1983); US Congressman (1987-2005)

James R. Houghton (1936- ), Chairman, Corning Incorporated (1981-1996 & 2002-2005)

Source: Generations of Corning by Davis Dyer  and Daniel Gross, 2001.


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