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Corning, New York: The Crystal City: Ravenna Wreck Memorial

This guide focuses on the glass-related history of the Corning, New York, and surrounding area, including local resources, special collections, and topics unique to Corning's glass history.

Corning monument honors glass workers

Corning monument honors glass workers
R.L. Heminger | 5 July 2002 | The Courier

"Just a little over 80 years ago, tragedy befell 19 glass workers from Findlay who met death in a railroad accident in eastern Ohio.  They were employees of the Richardson glass factory which was located in the structure now occupied by the Jackson Furniture Co. at 416 East Main Cross St. They were en route to their home in Corning, N.Y. for a vacation of several weeks. They had come here on a temporary working basis for a time from their home in New York State."

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St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Corning, NY

Glass Workers Monument in St. Mary's Cemetery, Corning, NY

This monument is the American Flint Glass Workers Union's memorial honoring eighteen members killed in a railroad accident in Ravenna, Ohio July 1891. The monument, in St. Mary's Cemetery in Corning, NY, includes two columns connected by arch, and features a statue of glassblower with pipe, standing atop arch. The glass workers' names are listed on the columns.