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Corning Incorporated

A guide to the history of Corning Incorporated including Brooklyn Flint Glass Works, Corning Glass Works, and the Houghton Family.

Little Joe Tower

Corning Glass Works Advertisement


"In Corning, New York, in a huge chimney-like tower 185 feet high, great gobs of red hot glass are drawn into thermometer tubing with an inside bore one-third the diameter of a human hair. It is the only tower of its kind in the world. It was built to insure the fine accuracy required in this special form of glass." (View larger image)

Advertisement features large image of young mother, holding phone to ear with one hand while other hand holds up thermometer. Text featured below, including information about the 185 foot [Little Joe] tower where thermometer tubing is drawn.

Image: "The little glass tube that knows more than mother..." Advertisement. Fortune Magazine, 1938. Rakow Research Library 152135, Crystal City (Digital Collection).

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