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Glassblowing: Graal and Ariel Techniques

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Books - technique

Books - Swedish Glass (selected materials)



Beadle, The Venerable. "The Bead Column: Graal Beads." Glass Line, v. 12, no. 4, Dec. 1998/Jan. 1999, pp. 14-17+, ill. Brief history and description of the technique. Periodicals PER TP859 .G55

Bloom, Murray. “The graal technique for lampworkers.”  Glass Line, v. 7 no. 1, June/July 1993, p. 1, 4-9. Periodicals PER TP859 .G55

Cox, Gill Mannings. G"raal." The Guild of Glass Engravers Newsletter, special issue (Autumn 2001), pp. 10-15, ill. "Basic technical information, a brief history and, finally, some affiliated techniques." Periodicals PER TP863 .G95

Gate, Astrid. "Demonstrations: The Swedish Graal and Ariel Glass Team." The Glass Art Society Journal, 2002, pp. 116-117, ill. Graal and ariel techniques. Periodicals PER NK5110 .G23j

Greenaway, Chris. "'How Do They Do That?' at Dudley Glass Festival 1997" Cameo no. 15, Autumn 1997, p. 3. Additional info: Broadfield House Glass Museum, Kingswinford. Glass techniques (including Graal) demonstrated at the International Glass Centre, Dudley College, by Kevin Andrews. Periodicals PER NK5102.5.K5.C18

Grenier, Frank.. "Graal as I See It." The Guild of Glass Engravers Newsletter, special issue (Autumn 2001), pp. 16-18, ill. Author talks about the engraving technique. Periodicals PER TP863 .G95

Hoerr, Brett. "Creating an Encalmo Graal Vase on the Lathe." Glass Line, v. 21, no. 3 (Oct./Nov. 2007), pp. 24-29, ill. Step-by-step instructions. Flameworking. Periodicals PER TP859 .G55

McClellan, Duncan. "Demonstrations: Graal Pick Up." Glass Art Society Journal, 1999, p. 93, ill. Periodicals PER NK5110 .G23j

Mickelsen, Robert. "A Brief Overview of Graal." The Flow, v. 4, no. 1, 2006, pp. 62-70, ill. Demonstration of the technique used to decorate blown glass objects. Flameworking. Periodicals PER TP859.2 .F64

Schneider, Rick. "From the Chop Shop to the Hot Shop." The Glass Art Society Journal, (2012), pp. 120-121, ill.  Artist gives an in-depth explanation for his four-color graal demonstration and discusses his creative philosophy. Periodicals PER NK5110. G23j

Zirnsack, Arthur and Hanne Dreutler-Zirnsack. “Demonstrations: Swedish Graal Technique.” The Glass Art Society Journal, 1997, pp. 72-73, ill. Authors' work at the Tucson conference. Periodicals PER NK5110 .G23j

[Most  of the following articles show examples of Graal and/or Ariel - not technique]

Gregg, Dianna. "Graal Glass." The Glass Club Bulletin no. 171, Fall 1993, pp. 4-5. Simon Gate and Edward Hald pieces. Periodicals PER NK5112 .G54

Bamforth, Vic. "From Buckinghamshire to Broadfield." The Glass Cone, no. 94 (Spring 2011), pp. 4-5, ill. Note: Artist talks about his work, with focus on his painted Graal pieces. Periodicals PER NK5104.G5383"Efter 55 aÌŠr -- äntligen blir pokalen komplett!" Kulturspridaren no. 4, Oct./Dec. 1990, p. 10. Additional info: SmaÌŠlands Museum. Graal Pokal blown in 1916 finally completed

Boman, Monica. Anne Nilsson. Form v. 85, no. 2 (no. 658), 1989, pp. 46-47. Graal pears by the Orrefors artist. Article is in Swedish with English summary. Periodicals PER TS171.A1.F72

Ehn, MaÌrit. "Graalglas" Form v. 78, no. 6/7 (no. 615), 1982, p. 58. Eva Englund; Article is in Swedish. Periodicals PER TS171.A1.F72

"Exhibition at Jensen's, New York," Architectural Forum v. 90, June 1949, p. 182, ill.. Orrefors exhibit at George Jensen's; included Graal and Ariel glass. VF: Glass Production -- Scandinavia -- Sweden -- Orrefors

"Forsta formprovet fran Beckmans." Glas och Porslin, v. 66, no. 5, 1997, p. 11, ill. Graal glass by Angelica Gustafssons. Periodicals PER NK8725 .G54

Hedqvist, Hedvig. Formrevy: Mona Morales-Schildt. Form v. 84, no. 5 (no. 659), 1988, p. 49. Article is in Swedish. Periodicals PER TS171.A1.F72

Klein, Dan. "Graal--Taking Up the Challenge." Craftwork no. 6, Winter 1984, pp. 14-16. David Kaplan and Annica Sandström of Lindean Mill Glass, Scotland. Periodicals PER NK1 .C896

Marshall-Jones, Muriel.. "Graal?" Collect It!, no. 40, Oct. 2000, p. 12, ill. Harris and his techniques in cameo and Graal work. Periodicals PER NK1125 .C685

Marshall-Jones, Muriel. "Jonathan Harris Update." Collect It!, no. 45, March 2001, p. 35, ill. Artist works with cameo and Graal glass. Periodicals PER NK1125 .C685

"Michel Bouchard: La Quete du graal." Verre & Creation, no. 16, Aug. 1999, p. 4, ill. Brief profile of the artist. English summary, p. 8. Periodicals PER NK5110 .V54

“Mona Morales Schildt” Glas och Porslin, v. 58, no. 3, 1988, p. 24-25. Periodicals PER

Ősterberg, Regina Formrevy: “Graalglas.” Form v. 82, no. 4 (no. 642), 1986, p. 60. Eva Englund piece; Article is in Swedish. Periodicals PER TS171.A1.F72

"Portfolio: John Brekke." American Craft v. 52, no. 3, June/July 1992, p. 50. Graal vessels by Brekke. Periodicals PER TT1 .C875

"The Scottish Crafts Collection" Craftwork no. 10, Winter 1985, p. 4. Dave Kaplan/Annica Sandstrom graal and sandblasted bowl. Periodicals PER NK1 .C896

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"Victoria and Albert Acquires Two Works by Ohio Artist." Antiques and The Arts Weekly v. 24, no. 24, June 14, 1996, p. 4. Graal marbles by Mark Matthews acquired by the London museum.