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Sustainability and Glassmaking

Include recycling, alternative energy sources, sources for environmental sustainability.


As industries around the world are moving towards environmentally friendly practices, glass artists and companies alike are beginning to modify their glassmaking processes as well. This goes beyond bringing public awareness to the issue through works of art. From furnaces running on vegetable oil to university students creating new objects from waste bound for landfills, glassmakers worldwide are moving away from fossil fuels and discovering new and creative ways to "go green."

Connected By Glass: Discussion on Climate Change

Artist Karen LaMonte and Dr. Mark Steen, VP of Sustainability and Climate Initiatives at Corning Incorporated, engage in a discussion on the future of glassmaking practices and sustainability. On both an industrial and personal scale, global concerns about climate change are impacting the future of the glassmaking process.

In this Connected By Glass, Karen describes her personal journey as an artist to negate the carbon footprint of her personal life and her work. Likewise, Mark shares the work Corning Incorporated is doing to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by developing new glass-based technologies to reduce carbon emissions in other products and industrial processes.

Corning Museum of Glass 

Find out how the Musem is reducing its impact on the environment on the Green Initiatives page.