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Microscopes: Periodical Articles

An introduction to researching the history of optical microscopes at the Rakow Research Library. More information can be found by searching our online catalog or by contacting a reference librarian through our Ask a Librarian service

Selected Articles

Bedini, Silvio A. “Seventeenth century Italian compound microscopes.” Firenze L.S. Olschki, 1963. Offprint from Physis, anno 5, fasc. 4, 1963, pp.[383]-422, Location: Stacks QH204 .B41 Location: Microforms f-1161

Cesvet, Helen. “Some Early American Microscopes in the Dittrick Museum.” Bulletin of the Cleveland Medical Library, v. 10, no. 2, 1963, pp. 23-28, ill. Photocopy. VF: Scientific apparatus--Microscopes

Dickson, Charles. “Laboratory Remembrances.” Antiques & Collecting Magazine, v. 104, no. 9, Nov. 1999, pp. 20-22, ill. 1084-0818 Glass bottles, test tubes, and microscopes. Periodicals PER

Lualdi, Alberto. “Francois de Baillou, un ottico della Milano teresiana?” Nuncius, v. 11, no. 2, 1996, pp. 613-630 18th-c. Milanese optician made variety of optical instruments: spectacles, microscopes, telescopes. English summary Periodicals

Malies, Harold. “Introduction to Microscopes.” The Antique Collector, v. 55, no. 8, Aug. 1984, pp. 56-61 19th c. types Periodicals

Marechal, Jean. “Equipement minimum de laboratoire pour l'analyse chimique et spectrographique des verres du moyen aÌ‚ge et étude de leur altération par examen au microscope, en lame mince.” Annales du 6e Congres de l'Association International pour l'Histoire du Verre (Cologne, July 1973); LieÌ€ge, 1974, pp. 299-307, ill. Stacks

“Recent Acquisitions.” The Gather, (Corning Museum of Glass) (Autumn 2009/Winter 2010), pp. 11-12, ill. includes the rare second-edition book Essays on the Microscope by George Adams, published in London in 1798. Periodicals PER NK5102.C8 .G26

“Recent Acquisitions.” The Gather, (Corning Museum of Glass) (Summer 2014), pp. 13-15, ill. Includes Description of a Double Reflecting Microscope (sales pamphlet from Peter and John Dolland), London, 1769-1804 Periodicals          PER NK5102.C8 .G26

Richards, Oscar W. “American Microscope Makers and Introduction to the Collection.” Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, v. 83, 1964, pp. 123-126. At the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.

Rothman, Juliet C. “Outdated Scientific Instruments Still Warm Collectors' Hearts,” Antique Week (Eastern edition) v. 28, no. 41, Jan. 8, 1996, p. 18+ Microscopes, etc

Turner, G. L'E. “Some Curious Old Instruments: The Assembly of the Royal Microscopical Society's Collection of Microscopes” Journal of the History of Collections v. 1, no. 2, 1989, pp. 149-166

Van Vleck, Richard. “American Agriculturist Microscopes: Bringing Microscopy to Rural America.” Scientific Medical & Mechanical Antiques no. 22, Sept./Oct. 1995, pp. 4-7 Periodicals Uncataloged (12/14)

Van Vleck, Richard. “Robert B. Tolles, American Microscope Maker.” Scientific Medical & Mechanical Antiques no. 23, Nov./Dec. 1995, pp. 4-7 Periodicals Uncataloged (12/14)

Lens Making Articles

Bedini, Silvio A.  “Lens Making for Scientific Instrumentation in the Seventeenth Century” Applied Optics, May 1966,  Vol. 5, No. 5, pp. 687-694.

Zuidervaart, Huib J. and Anderson, Douglas. “Antony van Leeuwenhoek’s Microscopes and Other Scientific Instruments: New Information from the Delft Archives,” Annals of Science, 2015.  To be published

Zuylen, J. Van. “On the Microscopes of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.” 1981.


Stelluti, Francesco. Persio, [1630]. CMGL 95596