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Tiffany's Glass Mosaics: Tiffany Mosaics

This is a selective guide to resources related to the Corning Museum of Glass exhibition, Tiffany's Glass Mosaics. For additional information, you may search the catalog or use our Ask a Librarian service.

Tiffany's Glass Mosaics book

Tiffany Mosaics

Tiffany's Glass Mosaics will be accompanied by a new publication presenting  the most comprehensive documentation and analysis of Tiffany’s glass  mosaics to date. The volume advances scholarship in the field, and offers  new perspectives for readers at all levels of expertise. Authors include the  co-curators Kelly Conway and Lindsy Parrott, Elizabeth J. De Rosa,  independent curator Natalie R. Peters, independent art historian; Jennifer  Perry Thalheimer, curator and collection manager, Charles Hosmer Morse  Museum of Art; and Karol B. Wight, president and executive director, CMoG.  The appendix was meticulously researched and compiled by Morgan T.  Albahary, curatorial and collection assistant, The Neustadt. It is fully  illustrated with new photography of many of Tiffany’s most celebrated  mosaic commissions, including The Dream Garden in The Curtis Center in  Philadelphia and Jacques Marquette's Expedition in Chicago’s Marquette  Building. Also included in the publication is a comprehensive appendix of all  of Tiffany’s known public, ecclesiastical, and residential mosaic  commissions, which serves as both a reference for researchers and a guide for anyone interested in visiting extant Tiffany mosaics.

Available May 20, 2017



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Web Resources

Tiffany Census 


This is a project to create a census of Tiffany "stained glass" windows, mosaics and other glass-related items, which are located in what could be considered to be publicly viewable buildings, mainly churches. This link will lead you directly to the section on mosaics.

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