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Color: Batch Books

This guide provides basic sources to understand the techniques of coloring glass

Digitized Batch Books in The Rakow Research Library

Batch Books (print only)

There are many more batch books in the library's collection. These are some special ones:

Biser, Benjamin F. Elements of glass and glass making. A treatise designed for the practical glassmaker, comprising facts, figures, recipes and formulas for the manufacture of glass - plain and colored. Including an appendix containing useful information pertaining to the subject. Pittsburgh, Pa., Glass and Pottery Publishing Company, 1899. 3 p.β., 174 p. Notes: Batch book. Appendix contains notes on silvering of glass, glass to metal mounting and inks for glass. [A digital copy of this book was made by Google from the original in the collection of the University of Michigan Library. CMGL has a copy of the digital file on CD-ROM (BIB 119644, TP859 .I33)]. Secured Stacks, Special and Rare Books TP857.12 .B62 1899 *Ebook (on the library’s catalog page): <,contains,Recipe%20Book%20for%20Practical&offset=0>

Hellmers, Henry T., 1897-1978. Henry T. Hellmers' batch book of glass formulae. Limited ed. of 25 books Kevil, KY : J. W. Courter, 2002. 28, [229] leaves. Note: Limited edition of 25 books. Batch book. "This book has been published to preserve valuable information about glassmaking in America during the career of Henry Hellmers, 1921 to 1965." Includes bibliographical references (p. 23). Includes biographical information on Hellmers and his family, glass from his personal collection, and correspondence. Mr. Hellmers worker for/with Akro Agate, Westite Company, Cambridge Glass Co., Aladdin Industries, Lancaster Lend Company, Owens-Corning Fiberglass, Glass Fibers Company, Pittsburgh-Corning, Heisey Glass Company, Erickson Glass Company, L.J. Houze Convex Glass Co. Sections are divided among these categories: alabaster or opalescent; moonstone; opal; black or ebony; transparent; crystals; special of special-use glasses. List of companies identified with Hellmers' batch book (p. 24); guide to the formulae (p. 28). Includes biographical information on Hellmers and his family, glass from his personal collection, and correspondence. Location: Microforms F-18647. Location: Ready Reference TP857.12 .H47 2002

Schmidt, Wilhelm. Recipe book for practical glass melting. [S.l.]: Cider Press, 1998. 152 pp. Note: Batch book. Translation of: Rezeptbuch für die praktische glasschmelze, 1926. Includes bibliographical references. Translated, edited and commented by Finn Lynggaard. "From all kinds of clear-glass batches to coloured batches for under-and-overlay techniques, it also includes such specialities as glass for mine lamps, for battery glasses and for X-ray tubes"-- foreword. Bibliography, p. 151. <Stacks: TP857.12.S35r; Microforms: F-17659>

Toso, Francisco Augusto, 1862-1936. [Glass batch book]. [n.d., between 1880-1936]. 1 v. (unpaged) Recipes and notes written in a notebook with lined pages. Batch book belonging to Francisco Augusto Toso, who was a chemist at the Barboun glass factory. The batch book was passed down to Gianni Toso by his father Germano Toso. Gianni Toso's uncle Ettore Toso was also a glass chemist. Includes recipes for many colors of glass as well as glass used to make bottles (one specifically for machine blown bottles), reflectors, lightbulbs, and windows. According to the article "Gianni Toso : reflections and revelations" in New Work, Winter/Spring 1983, Gianni's grandfather and father were both glass chemists, and his grandfather is said to have created 24,000 different hues of glass. In an email dated January 26, 2010, Gianni Toso states that his grandfather was forced to stop working with glass because the Mussolini government wanted to promote young PhD chemists. Location: Stacks; Secured Stacks        TP857.12 .T71

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