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Color: Glass Chemistry

This guide provides basic sources to understand the techniques of coloring glass

Additional Resources for glass chemistry & properties

Use in combination with the materials in the “Color Technology” tab

Bansal, Narottam P. Handbook of glass properties. Narottam P. Bansal and R.H. Doremus. New Delhi: Elsevier, 2006. ix, 680 p. Location: Stacks TP857 .B21 2006

Bastow, Harry. American glass practice; a practical book devoted to actual glass factory conditions, with problems discussed in a manner that will be readily understood by the layman. Pittsburgh, Pa., The Glassworker, c1920. 82 p. Notes: Excellent source for understandable info about color and reactions…. Glass batches, pp. 7-55. Transparent colors, p. 23+; Colored glass batches, pp. 24+; opalescent glasses, p. 26-7; casing colors, p. 2732; opaque white, pp. 33+; Alaster glass, 35; iron, p.50 & 80-81 (varying effects of iron on glass & difficulties); manganese oxide effect, pp. 19, 51-53; other decolorizers, pp. 53+. Location: Stacks TP857 .B32

Kingery, W. D. Introduction to ceramics. New York: Wiley, [1960]. 781 p. Wiley series on the science and technology of materials. Notes: “Color,” pp. 536+; colorants, p. 537; colloidal, p. 312+; commercial glass compositions, pp. 154; and more. Location: Stacks TP807 .K52

McGraw-Hill dictionary of materials science. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2003. xii, 397 p. Notes: Useful for background info. Location: Ready Reference  TA402 .M14

Moore, H. Selenium, tellurium, cobalt and nickel in glass making. London: Mond Nickel Co., Ltd., 1956. 40 p. Notes: Includes: Varieties of glass; colour in glass; (and in detail): selenium, tellurium, cobalt, nickel; references. Glass manufacture and chemistry.  Location: Secured Stacks TP861.5 .M82

NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers. The complete book on glass technology / by NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers. Delhi, India: Asia Pacific Business Press, [2008]. x, 574 p.  “Optical properties,” 130+; refractive index; molar & ionic refractivities; dispersion; Ligand Field coloration of glasses; amber glass; colloidal metal colors; colloidal semiconductor colors; radiation-induced colors; solarization; infrared absorption; photosensitive & photochromic glasses; opal glasses; Faraday Rotation; etc. Location: Stacks TP857 .N96

Persson, H. Rune. Glass Technology: Manufacturing & Properties. Seoul, Korea: Cheong Moon Gak, 1983. 188 pp., ill. Notes: Optical properties, p. 27+; Coloured glass, pp. 29-33. Overview of physical properties; lists common colors.

Pfaender, Heinz G. Schott guide to glass. 2nd ed. London: Chapman & Hall, 1996. ix, 207 p.  Notes: 2nd ed. of the English translation of: Schott Glaslexikon, published in 1989. Colored glasses, compounds added, pp. 2, 17, 29-30, 100, 118, 129, 148, 159; early manufacture, pp. 2, 5; (Table 2.2, p. 30: brief list of coloring agents) Location: Stacks: TP857 .P52 1996

Rawson, Harold. Properties and Applications of Glass. 1980.  Notes: Color: “Absorption of Radiation by Glasses,” pp. 193+; “Effect of glass composition on the colours due to Co2+ and Ni2+ in oxide glasses,” pp. 204+; [Colloidal colors; Glasses coloured by silver and gold], pp. 216-227; Controlled melting process & heat, pp. 227; “Effects of furnace atmosphere and melting temp…” p. 207+; & more! Location: Secured Stacks TP857.R26

Shreiner, E. E. Scientific tests of colored glass for optical purposes, including a short history of glass and glass terms. New York, McCoy & Stilwell, 1919. 1 p. l., 84, [1] p. Notes: Dictionary-style “facts and figures” about glass and colored glasses. Useful for references to older texts, theories, and types of glasses. Location: Stacks TP861.5 .S56

Symposium on Coloured Glass (1st: 1965: Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic). Coloured glass, Jablonec 1965. Papers presented at the Symposium on Coloured Glass, Jablonec n. N., Czechoslovakia, August 17-20, 1965. Czechoslovak Scientific Society for the Silicate Industry. [Praha? 1966?]. 256 p. Notes: English or German; summaries in Czech, English, and German. Held under the auspices of the Czechoslovak Scientific Society for the Silicate Industry, Praha, the State Glass Research Institute, Hradec Kralove and the Research Institute for Glass and Imitation Jewelry, Jablonec n. N. Includes bibliographies. Includes information about selenium ruby glasses; copper ruby glasses; color nuclei in borosilicate glasses; coloured opal glasses; decoration of glass by ceramic colours; photosensitive glasses and their properties, comparison of the accuracy of some methods for determination of glass colour, and other technical articles. Location: Stacks TP861.5 .S98 1965

Symposium on Coloured Glasses, 2nd, Prague, 1967. Symposium on coloured glasses = Symposium sur le verre coloré = Symposium über das Farbglas = Symposium o barevném skle / International Commission on Glass and Czechoslovak Scientific and Technical Society of the Silicate Industry. Prague: Czechoslovak Scientific and Technical Society of the Silicate Industry, 1967? 415 p. Notes: In Czech, English, German, Russian. Includes bibliographies. Scholarly articles about coloring glasses. Location: Secured Stacks TP861.5 .S98 1967

Tooley, Fay V. The Handbook of glass manufacture: a book of reference for the plant executive, technologist, and engineer, compiled and edited by Fay V. Tooley. 3rd ed. New York, NY: Books for the Glass Industry Division, Ashlee Pub. Co., c1984. 2 v. (1243 p.).

Notes: "A ten year update of the 1975 second edition."--Preface. Includes bibliographies and index. Decolorization: pp. 574-577 (chemical, p. 575; flame control, p. 576; mechanical, p. 574; physical, p. 576); colorant forehearth, pp. 682-5; Colorants for glass, pp. 35-9, 976-87; Color, technique, color change in furnace, pp. 386-12, 13; colored glass, by metallic elements, pp 998-9; colored glass by sulfur, selenium, tellurium, pp. 998-9; color instrumentation, pp. 998-11. Location: Ready Reference TP857 .T67 1984

Varshneya, Arun K. Fundamentals of inorganic glasses. Boston: Academic Press, c1994. xvii, 570 p. Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index. Includes: types of glass, glass compositions, optical properties, brief but good information on commercial glassmaking with diagrams of glass-melting tank (p. 516-517), sol gel (p. 521-530), forming of glass products (containers, flat, tubes and rods, fibers) (p. 530-548). “Absorption in the visible region (colors in glass),” pp. 463-473; colors by precipitation, p. 471. Location: Stacks TP857 .V32

Weyl, W. A. Coloured glasses. Sheffield, England: The Society for Glass Technology, 1999. 541 pp. Location: Stacks TP861.5.W54 1999

Zschimmer, Eberhard. Chemical technology of glass: with 176 figures and sixteen plates. By Eberhard Zschimmer; translated by Michael Cable. Sheffield: Society of Glass Technology, 2013. xvii, 476 pages. Notes: "The sixth in a series of books written by authorities of their times showing how understanding of glass technology has developed since the seventeenth century"--P. [iv]. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. “Dependence of physical properties on chemical composition,” pp. 163-277. Includes light transmission; colorants; dlight filters; decolorizers; influence of heat on coloration; influence of light on coloration; fluorescence and phosphorescence; opalizing agents; refraction and dispersion of glasses; birefringence of glass, etc. Location: Stacks TP857 .Z93ce

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