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Color: Color Theory & Design

This guide provides basic sources to understand the techniques of coloring glass

Color Theory and Design

“Color...Forecasts and Fascination.” The Glass Bead, v. 16, issue 1 (Winter 2009), pp. 22-23, ill. Overview of the Pantone system for reproducing color. Location: Periodicals NK3650.B362

Florian, Robert and Dominick Labino. "The Color of Glass Dictates Form." Craft Horizons, v. 26, no. 4, July/August 1966, pp. 29-31. Location: Periodicals TT1.C875

De Grandis, Luigina. Theory and use of color.  New York: Abrams, 1986. 159 pp.  Note:  Translation of: Teoria e uso del colore.  <Stacks: ND1489.D32

Lauer, David A.  Design Basics.  5th ed.  South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; United States: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, 2002.  <Stacks: NK1510.L37>

Stewart, Mary. Launching the imagination : a comprehensive guide to basic design. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2002.  Note:  Book and CD-rom.  Includes glass sculpture. <Stacks: NK1510.S85>

Whelan, Bride M.  Color harmony 2: a guide to creative color combinations.  Rockport, MA: Rockport Publishers; Cincinnati, OH: For distribution by North Light, 1994.  160 pp.  Note:  Also have #1 by Chijiiwa, Hideaki. 1987.142 pp. (ND1489.C53).  Color charts and swatches to aid in matching color.  <Stacks: ND1489.W56>

Weiner, Kay.  “Designing with Color: Basic Color Strategies.”  Glass Art Magazine, v. 3, no. 6, September/ October 1988, pp. 24-27.


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