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Color: Color Technology

This guide provides basic sources to understand the techniques of coloring glass

Colored Glasses

Technical sources

Bamford, C. Ray. Colour generation and control in glass. Marietta, OH: CBLS, 2002. xi, 224 p.  Notes: Reprint of 1977 Elsevier ed.  (CMGL owns both editions.) “This book describes the principles, the methods, and the applications of…colouration of glass.” Intended to update Weyl with new papers, patents and glassmaking techniques. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Contents: Physical basis of colour in glass; Ionic colouration by transition metals and ligand field theory (iron, nickel, cobalt, chromium, copper, manganese, vanadium, titanium); Ionic colouration rare earth elements; Reduction – oxidation equilibria; Colouration by colloidal particles; Colouration by sulphur, selenium and tellurium; Colouration by uranium, the platinum metals, molybdenum and tungsten; Industrial production of coloured glass; colour in commercial glass products (flat, plate, container, optical & other products); Ultra-violet and infra-red transmission; Colourant chemical analysis. “Colouration by colloidal particles,” pp. 88-105. Stacks; Secured Stacks TP857 .B19 2002

Bray, Charles. “Colour.” IN: Ceramics and glass: a basic technology. Sheffield: Society of Glass Technology, 2000, pp.195-232. Location: Ref: TP837.B82; MicroformsF-17791

An introduction to glass: craft, technology and art. Editor: Elisabeth Flygt ; authors: Thomas Falk ... [et al.]; [translation: Alan Imber and William Jewson]. Växjö, Sweden: Glafo, 2011. 252 p.  Notes: "This volume represents an updated and revised English translation of the second Swedish edition of 'Bokem om glas.” Includes bibliographical references (p. 235-241) and index. Excellent introduction to “How do you color glass?” pp. 96-113. Location: Stacks TP857 .B645e

Moore, H. Selenium, tellurium, cobalt and nickel in glass making. London: Mond Nickel Co., Ltd., 1956. 40 p. Location: Secured stacks TP861.5 .M82

Morey, George W. The properties of glass. 2d ed. New York, Reinhold, 1954. 591 pp. (American Chemical Society. Monograph series, no. 124).  Location: Secured Stacks: TP857.M84 1954; Microfilm R-83

Paul, Amal. Chemistry of glasses. 2nd ed. London: Chapman and Hall 1990. Note: Chapter 9, "Coloured Glasses," pp. 276-348. Location: Stacks: TP857.P32 1990; Microforms: F-14938

Pincus, Alexis George. Batching in The Glass Industry. Compiled by Alexis G. Pincus and David H. Davies. New York, N.Y. : Books for Industry : Glass Industry magazine, c1981. x, 217 p. (Processing in the glass industry). Articles originally published in The Glass Industry magazine. Includes index. Bibliography: p. 206-211. Location: TP858 .P64b ; Microforms F-9667

Pincus, Alexis G.; David H. Davies. Raw Materials in the Glass Industry. New York: Ashlee Publishing Co., 1983. pp. 338-399. Note: Part II: Minor Ingredients. Location: Stacks: TP858.P64r; Microforms: F-9666

Pye, L. D.; H. J. Stevens; W.C. La Course. Introduction to glass science. New York; London: Plenum Press, 1972. Note: Includes: Harding, Foster, "The Development of Colors in Glass," pp. 391-431. Location: Secured Stacks: TP857.I61

Scholes, Samuel R.; Charles H. Greene. Modern glass practice. 7th rev. ed. Boston: Cahners Books, 1975. Note: Chapter 17, pp. 289-331.  Location: Secured Stacks TP857.S36 1975

Shelby, J. E. Introduction to glass science and technology. 2nd ed. Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005. xvi, 291 p. Previous ed.: 1997. Includes bibliographical references (p. 275-282) and index. Location: TP857 .S54 2005

Simmingsköld, Bo. Raw materials for glass melting. Sheffield, England: Society of Glass Technology, 1997. 74 pp. Note: Revision, editing and additional translation by K.H. Teisen & R.D. Wright. Translation  of Råvaror för glassmältning.  Location: Stacks: TP857.S55r 1997

Uhlig, Edward C. (Edward Carl), b. 1868. Chemical analysis for glassmakers. Containing methods of analysis for clays and other silicates which will be found useful for the pottery industry. By Edward C. Uhlig ... Pittsburg, Pa., Kaufmann & Gauding [c1903] vii, 136 p. Location: Stacks / Cage QD139.G5 U36

Vogel, Werner. Glass chemistry. 2nd ed. Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, 1994. xiv, 464 pp. Location: Stacks: TP857.V87c 1994; Microforms F-16512


“Color in glass.” Glass Art, v. 1, no. 3, June 1973, pp. 12-20. Note: Reprinted from Scholes, Modern Glass Practice. Location: Periodicals NK5110.G525

Conrad, John W. “Glass colorants.” Glass Art, v. 2, no. 4, August 1974, pp. 17-18. Location: Periodicals NK5110.G525

“Foster, Robin J. Romance with Color: Making Your Own Custom Colors.” Glass Line, v. 25, no. 2 (Aug./Sept. 2011), pp. 44-46, ill. Topics include preparation; tips, tricks, and things to avoid; soft glass recipes; and additional resources. Flameworking. <Periodicals PER TP859.G55>

Gaiduk, A. P.; E. V. Ukhina and N. A. Kiselevich. “Using rare earth oxides as colorants and decolorizers for glass.” Glass and Ceramics, v. 38, no. 7, July, 1981, pp. 373-375. Translated from: Steklo i Keramika, no. 7, pp. 28–29, July, 1981. Information from Borisovsk F. É. Dzerzhinskii Glass Factory, USSR. Springer link: 

The glass-making oxides.” Glass Art, v. 1, no. 2, April 1973, p. 14-21. Reprinted from Scholes’ Modern Glass Practice. Location: Periodicals NK5110.G525

“Kohl, Jesse. The Chemistry of Silver Containing Glasses.” The Glass Art Society Journal, (2009), pp. 62-63, ill. Note: The basics of color generation, discussion of glassmakers Angelo Barovier and John Burton, and some of the latest research results. Periodicals PER NK5110.J86

Manners, Paul. “Custom-made to fit.” Glass Art, v. p. 10-18. Includes compatibility, raw materials, refining, coloring and opacifying agents

VanderLaan, Pete. “Some simple coloring notes.” GAS News, June-August 2003, pp. 5. Location: Periodicals NK5110.G23



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