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Flameworking/Lampworking: Old-time Lampworking Manuals

Introduction to library resources on flameworking/lampworking techniques. More information is available through the library catalog or by using the Rakow's Ask a Librarian service.

Selected Lampworking Rare Books and Manuals in the Rakow Library

Bolas, Thomas. Glass blowing and working… London: Dawbarn & Ward; New York: Truslove & Comba, 1898. 212 p. Lampworking, including laboratory ware, rods and tubing, fancy and decorative articles, etc. <Special Collections TP859.B68 *; fiche f-1552>

Danger, T.P. The art of glass blowing, or plain instructions for making chemical and philosophical instruments which are formed of glass, such as barometers, thermometers, hydrometers, etc. London: Bumpus & Griffin, 1831. English translation of the French. <Special Collection #110; microfiche f-5045>

Danger, T.P. Die Kunst der Glasblaserei vor dem Lotrohre und an der Lampe. Guedlinburg, 1833. German edition. <Special Collection #111; f-5539>

Diesing/Disting. Die Glasschmelze bei der Lampe. 24 p. Vienna, 1769. (Similar to Die Glasschmelzkunst bey der Lampe, oder Anweisung wie die Glasrohren zu schmelzen … <Special Collections #125; microfiche f-427>

Djakonow, D. and W. Lermantoff, W. Die Bearbeitung des Glases auf dem Blasetische. 2nd ed. Berlin: Friedlander, 1911. ( 1st ed. 1895) <TP857.D99; f-2473>

Ebert, H. Anleitung zum Glasblasen. Leipzig: Joh. Ambr. Barth, 1887. 86 p. Translation into German of Shenstone's Methods of glassblowing, with further information. <TP859.S54e.1887; f-4157>

Eckhardt, Ad. Anleitung zum Glablasen. Leipzig: 1895. 96 p. (This reference from Duncan may be incorrect; it could not be verified)

Figuier, Louis, 1819-1894. Industrie du verre et du cristal. Paris: Turue, Jovet et Cie, between 1870 and 1890. p. 7-158. Notes: [image of a female beadmaker, Fig. 97, p. 137 digitized in-house April 2019]. Extracted from: Les merveilles de l'industrie. Industries chimiques. Industrie du verre et du cristal. BIB ID 28625 1000023980. Secured Stacks TP857 .F47; Fiche F-3679 (p. 7-158 only).

Die Glasschmelze bey der Lampe. Vienna, 1769. 24 p. (Duncan 3269). (Author's name is questionable; sometimes cited as J. d. B., or Disting; see also title below) <CMGL: TP859.2.; fiche f-427; OCLC #27370839 for fiche; 46249876 for book >

Hasluck, Paul N. Glassworking by heat and abrasion. London and New York: Cassell, 1899/1909. <TP859.H35 1899; f-4091>

Haudicquer de Blancourt, Jean, b. ca. 1650. The art of glass: shewing how to make all sorts of glass, crystal and enamel: likewise the making of pearls, precious stones, china and looking-glasses: to which is added, the method of painting on glass and enameling: also how to extract the colours from minerals, metals, herbs and flowers: a work containing many secrets and curiosities never before discovered: illustrated with proper sculptures / written originally in French, by Mr. H. Blancourt, and now first translated into English. London: Printed for Dan. Brown at the Black Swan withoutTemple-Bar, ... [and 4 others], 1699. [10], 355, [13] p., [9] plates. Includes making imitation pearls and an appendix about glass eyes. French edition (1697) only has the chapter (Book 11) on making pearls. <Special TP856 .H36e 1699 * ; Microforms F-6449>

Hughes, G.R. "Annealing furnace for lampworked articles." British Patent 132,852, Sept. 21, 1918.

Koerner (or Körner), Friedrich. Anleitung zur Bearbeitung des Glases an der Lampe, und zur vollstandigen Verfertigung der das Lampenfeuer darstellbaren physikalischen and chemischen Instrumente und Apparate. Jena: Schmidt, 1831. 300 p. (Duncan 7259) Danger and Körner have the same plates. <Special Collections #258; f-2827>

Krünitz, J. G. Oeconomische Encyklopèadie. Berlin: Pauli‚ 1788. Includes mention of the improvement of the lamp (specific page(s) unknown. <CMGL: Special NK5106 .K94 1788 * fiche F-7676>

Kunckel, J. Ars vitraria experimentalis. 1st ed. Danzig, 1679. Contains some information on lampworking. 2 pages of text, 1 illustration. <CMGL: Special TP856.N44g 1679a *; Fiche F-5322>

Leng, Heinrich. Vollständiges Handbuch der Glasfabrikation… Weimer: Voigt, 1835. Chapter 15 and Tafel 28 (fig. 127, etc.) are on lampworking. Ricke 1978 cites this (Series: Neuer Schauplatz der Kunste und Kunsthandwerk, v. 79) Later editions were Written by Nicolas Graefer and E. Tscheuschner. <CMGL TP857.L56*; F-4652>

Pedroni, P.M. L'art du souffleur a la lampe et au chalumeau. Paris: Manuels Roret, 1849. 294 p. <Special Collections TP859.P37 *; fiche f-18,212>

Pelouze, Edmond, 1765-1845. Récréations tirées de l'art de la vitrification. Revu par M. E. Pelouze, ancien officier de la manufacture Royale des Glaces. Paris: Audot, 1828. xij, 178, 16 pages, iii plates, illustrations (some handcolored) (Encyclopédie populaire, ou Les sciences, les arts et les Métiers). Notes: "Moyens curieux, simples et peu coûteux d'exécuter sur verre des peintures, dorures, jaspures, herborisations, gravures, etc, etc. ; de composer des colliers filigranes, plumets, empreintes ; pierres gravées, faux camées, perles, verres colorés de tous genres, émaux, petites figures, yeux en émail pour les animaux conservés, incrustations, etc., etc., recueilli dans tous les ouvrages qui ont paru sur cette matière." An early text on techniques of lampworking and glass engraving, and creation of glass gems, cameos, artificial eyes, etc., inspired by some young ladies in New England who were self-taught lampworkers, using the equipment of their father, a German glassworker. Fig. 3-6 on plate III have been watercolored. Indexed In: Duncan, 10016. Subject(s): Lampwork 19th century; Glass blowing and working 19th century; Glass engraving 19th century; Glass craft 19th century. Location: Secured Stacks - Rare Books Call Number: TP859.2 .P39 * / Location: Microforms Call Number: F-7831

Rockstroh, Heinrich. Die Glasblasekunst im Kleinein… Lissa; Leipzig: Ernst Gunter, 1833. <Special Uncataloged #569 ; F-671

Shenstone, William Ashwell. Methods of glass blowing and working silica in the oxy-gas flame. 1st ed. London: Rivington, 1886. (3rd ed., Longmans, 1918) <TP859.S54 1886; f-4158>

Shenstone, William Ashwell. The methods of glass blowing: for the use of physical and chemical students. London: Rivingtons, 1886. 86 p. Subsequently translated into German, and Ebert appears as the author. <CMGL: TP859.2.S54. 1886*; F-4158>

Later editions of Shenstone: 4th ed. London ; New York: Longmans, Green, 1897. x, 86 p. < Stacks / Cage TP859.2 .S54 1897; Microforms: F-16094 >; 5th ed.: Change in title: The methods of glass blowing, and of working silica in the oxy-gas flame; for the use of chemical and physical students. London, Longmans, Green and co., 1902. viii, 98 p. < Stacks / CageTP859.2 .S54 1902; Microforms: F->; and others.

Smith, George, 18th cent. “The art of blowing glass in miniature.” IN: Smith, George. The laboratory, or School of arts: in which are ... explain'd, I. A variety of curious ... experiments in refining ... gold ... II. Choice secrets for jewellers ... III. Several ... experiments for casting in silver, copper, brass ... IV. The art of making glass ... V. A collection of ... secrets for the use of cutlers, pewterers, brasiers ... VI. A dissertation on the nature and growth of saltpeter ... Translated from the German. London, Printed for T. Cox ... 1738. [8], 242, [6] p. Note: The art of making glass: p. 75-93; The art of blowing glass in miniature, pp. 83-84, plate 4. Rakow library also has the following editions:: 4th 1756; 5th 1800; 6th 1799; 7th 1810. <Special T44.S64 1738* ; Microforms f- 1266>

Threfall, Richard. On laboratory arts. London and New York: Macmillan, 1898. 338 p. <TP859.T53 1898>

Vigreux, Henri. Le soufflage du verre dans les laboratoires scientifiques et industriels. 2. Ed. >Paris: Dunod, 1920. 268 p. (1st ed: 1918, not in CMGL) <TP859.V69.1920; f-14,225)

Historic texts that include images of lampworking

Diderot, Denis. Encyclopedia. Fig. 2 of ??, Lampworker at the lamp.


Hertel, Christian Gottlieb. Vollständige Anweisung zum Glas-Schleiffen : wie auch zu Verfertigung derer optischen Machinen, die aus geschliffenen Gläsern zubereitet und zusammengesetzt werden, nebst einer Vorrede Herrn Christian Wolffes. Halle im Magdeburgischen: Zufinden in der Rengerischen Buchhandlung, 1716. Includes an image of a lampworker. Digital copy:


Neri, Antonio. Ars vitraria experimentalis… Amsterdam: 1679. German translation, with supplement by Johannes Kunckel. Includes two pages of text and one illustration, which is often referred to as "Little Glass Blowing" report. The illustration shows the glass blower's working table with il lamps, simple bellows and miniature products.



Smith, Godfrey. Laboratory or School of Arts. London: Looking Glass, 1739. Plate 4

Images from Diderot / Neri (Kunckel) / Diderot / Hartel